About Us
As we share the same characteristics as the fine fruit discovered by European settlers in the 17th century, it only felt natural to embrace the variety of meanings of the word. Moving on from being a synonym for something humble or minor to being the right person for a given job, being a Huckleberry comes first, second and last to us. We are a small team with a passion for mobile gaming. A love for giving players something fresh, something new to explore. And maybe someday, we can give even more meaning back to the name ourselves.
Eljo Bosman
The musical type who plays the piano and enjoys snowboarding almost as much as being part of the team.
Jur Wind
A crucial ingredient to any kind of mix, this party starter makes up his own vocabulary while getting stuff done. Bots!
Marcel Brouwer
Knowing his way around fruits as being a whiskey lover, this black belt is an industry veteran who likes to travel.
Marijn Harinck
great berry
Master in blending different berries to a unique elixer which can be seen as elegant and brutal in the same time. He loves to ride the winds for breakfast!
Blend in
As a gardening team of sorts, trying to grow all kinds of Huckleberries, we're constantly on the lookout for people who can help us get that new taste everyone will be talking about. Don't worry if you don't fit the bill exactly. We didn't either. And maybe that's what makes us such an awesome mix.
Mobile Developer
Being a seasoned berry, ripened for at least a few years in a well-maintained garden, you have grown to become a proud veteran among other fruits. Your wit and puzzle-solving skills are the talk of the town, being able to come up with quality solutions to deliver rock-solid code for other berries to rely on.
Feeling like a settler from ye olden days, searching for new experiences? Or interested in all the possible flavors you can get from blending our team? Just drop us a lime.
Privacy Policy
Huckleberry BV

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The Privacy Policy was last updated on 24 September 2013.